Apply to become a Flylancer Community Host in your city:
So you are interested in building a Flylancer community in your city? We're so excited to hear that!

It takes a special type of Flylancer to host a new community, so we have a few questions first to get to know you and what drives you. If we think you might be host material then we will be getting in touch to connect over video very soon. We look forward to meeting you!

*no Flylancers were (seriously) harmed during the shooting of this photo...
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Thanks for your interest in joining.

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What do you specialise in? Are you working anything at the moment? If so, what? *

{{answer_rhNaLcUJDkwo}}, tell us 3 words that describe what good networking means to you. *

{{answer_rhNaLcUJDkwo}}, tell us 3 words that best describe what community means to you. *

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Describe what you believe Flylancer is all about to you, {{answer_rhNaLcUJDkwo}}. *

What do you believe are the main challenges that Flylancers face in {{answer_wztzG2JRZ1yj}} and how would your community benefit from Flylancer? *

Why do you think you're the right Flylancer to become a local Community Host in {{answer_wztzG2JRZ1yj}}? *

Do you have previous experience organising events, meetups, or hosting online communities? *

If so, can you tell a bit about your previous experience?

How many hours a week are you willing to commit to building the Flylancer community? *

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